Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photo Fun

The Zorn Barber Shop in Texas

I am working on a project for my family. I am scanning in all of the pictures that I could find from my grandmother's vast photo collection, so that we will have them preserved. Here are a few that I have scanned that I find humorous or cool. Enjoy.

My dad knows how to party.

So does his friend Richard.
Grandpa Payne had a wicked cool beard
On the left, my grandma and grandpa
Whose idea was this picture?
And the scariest ancestor award goes to....
The 'rents in high school

Dad and parents' first dog

A Royals fam from the start.

And to finish, a very suprised baby John.
Well, hope you enjoyed. Now go look through your families old pictures. I can almost guarantee you will find some treasures.


Jenna said...

That last picture of you has to be one of the cutest baby picture I have ever seen!!

Liz.EJ.Lizzard.Elizabeth. said...

the scariest ancestor one looks exactly like Vigo Mortenson, crazy!

Chris said...

yea, that last one.... was that the first time you saw a camera, "What is that?!"

Richard know where it's at...that a Warsteiner?

rachel rianne said...

i'd hang out with your creepy ancestor. friggin' sweet hat.

i say forget being conscientious about being tacky. fill your walls with photos, john creagar. and do it with my blessing.

erica said...

Dude-your dad has a SWEET belt buckle there while hes holding a six pack and a baby.

i love the pictures and feel as if i've met your family because of them.
pictures really are worth a thousand words.

Sam said...

Why are there no photos of your incredibly cool brother? A terrible oversight on your part.

But I forgive.

astro. not kidding, astro.

just_thinkin said...

Well, these are fun. Did anyone know who the scary guy is? I was not aware we were related to any 19th century psychopaths, but now I wonder....