Sunday, March 15, 2009

LSAT Practice Test 1

I am now officially practicing for the LSAT. I have been studying for a short while, now I am practicing. The difference? I took a test. It was long. My brain hurts. Concentrating for that long a period of time makes me want to smack my head into a wall.


75 out of 100 questions answered correctly. 25 misses. Raw score: 160

Median score is 152.

I am in the approximate 82 percentile rating.

If I can answer ten more correctly, I will be in the 93rd percentile.

10 more people. Let's do this.

This time around I did not time myself "officially". Unofficially I only went over on one section.

The next practice test will be timed. Anybody want to come watch a movie on my 40'' flat screen blu-ray set up and administer a timed test? Offers on the table.


rachel rianne said...

me me me me me me me me meeeee!

sara said...

82 percentile on your first run huh? genius. sb

Jenna said...

I'd say that it purdy dern goooood for your first time John-boy. Way to go! 10 more!