Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guaranteed To Make You Smile

In this week before Kansas State University's Spring Break many of my friends are feeling the midterm push. So I thought I would collect these things to help you when you need a break.


*note* Anyone not taking midterms, you are welcome to follow these if you too are in need of a fun-filled break

Follow this for a musical moment of joy

Follow this for distractions that can be found in your own home

Follow this if you are writing a paper

Follow this for a nostalgic break

Follow this to have your faith in humanity restored

Follow this when you need to pick a movie

Follow this so you can quote a genius

This too

And this

Follow this to laugh out loud

And finally, follow this to see how much healthier you are now

1 comment:

Jenna said...

Oh my! Smirnoff vodka... I wish i would have known that when my freakin teeth hurt. AND it's used for so many other cool things!! Awesome website, kudos.