Friday, May 22, 2009

My Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready To Go.....

So this is it for a while. After I post this I am packing my computer and turning off my cable/internet. On Monday I am flying to Philly, then driving to West Virginia.

I may have some internet access this summer, so stay with me, dear reader. Don't abandon me. We will still share the summer, if only at a distance.

Catch you on the flip side....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank You Travelocity

One week from Monday I leave for my Youthworks summer. In order to get to my training, I needed to purchase a plane ticket. To be a wise consumer, I did some research, tried several different packages, and finally went with the Travelocity website one-way ticket to Philly. I found that if I fly one way out, and in a few weeks grab another one way back home for the end of the summer, I save about ten bucks. Go me.

So I click click click, and have my ticket purchased. Then, like any good employee, I proceed to inform my employer of these plans, as per their request.

That is when I discovered that I, in my infinite wisdom, had somehow managed to reserve a round trip flight from Kansas City to Philly and back for August 11 (depart) and August 12 (return). Needless to say, this was a useless ticket for me, as I need to be in Philly on May 25, and leave Philly on August 11.

First I cursed.

Then I yelled.

Then I punched my desk.

Then I remembered that earlier this week I had bruised my knuckle punching through sheet rock for fun.

Then I looked into fixing my error.

Luckily, Travelocity plans for morons like myself. They have a refund policy for those of us who cannot get it right the first time. The airlines wanted to charge me $150 to change my flight date. Travelocity simply cancelled my plans, then allowed me to reschedule as needed.

So now I am set. And my dreams of cheap travel are nearly within reach.

Now I just have to get my house packed up.....yikers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last night I played the game BANG! with several of my friends. I had never played it before, but had heard it was awesome.

All reports were true.

I am, generally, not a strategy, interactive game person. I get distracted too easily, follow through on ridiculous whims, and generally mess up my game, and usually others who I am playing with.

But BANG! is different, and here is how:

1. It is about gunfighters and the old west. Instantly awesome.

2. While strategy dictates that you should be careful who you kill, it is possible to kill or at leats attack on a whim...such as when I shot Tiffany purely because I told her I would shoot her first or attacked Chris as vengence for putting me in jail.

3. You can be underhanded, and your character can actually play the way s/he might have to in real life. Thus, the sheriff fights a losing battle because s/he is exposed the whole game, the deputy fights to save the sheriff without making him/herself a target, the renegade can seem to help the sheriff, but then quickly turns on him/her, and the outlaws are just out for blood. I love it.

4. I have been reading a bit about game theory lately, and this game was interesting from that standpoint as well.

5. The game is short enough that I stay engaged.

So I now have a new favorite game. Anybody want to play? I own the game (ask Sam and Luke why), so up to 6 of you lucky readers can join me. More if we invite Luke and his game.