Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank You Travelocity

One week from Monday I leave for my Youthworks summer. In order to get to my training, I needed to purchase a plane ticket. To be a wise consumer, I did some research, tried several different packages, and finally went with the Travelocity website one-way ticket to Philly. I found that if I fly one way out, and in a few weeks grab another one way back home for the end of the summer, I save about ten bucks. Go me.

So I click click click, and have my ticket purchased. Then, like any good employee, I proceed to inform my employer of these plans, as per their request.

That is when I discovered that I, in my infinite wisdom, had somehow managed to reserve a round trip flight from Kansas City to Philly and back for August 11 (depart) and August 12 (return). Needless to say, this was a useless ticket for me, as I need to be in Philly on May 25, and leave Philly on August 11.

First I cursed.

Then I yelled.

Then I punched my desk.

Then I remembered that earlier this week I had bruised my knuckle punching through sheet rock for fun.

Then I looked into fixing my error.

Luckily, Travelocity plans for morons like myself. They have a refund policy for those of us who cannot get it right the first time. The airlines wanted to charge me $150 to change my flight date. Travelocity simply cancelled my plans, then allowed me to reschedule as needed.

So now I am set. And my dreams of cheap travel are nearly within reach.

Now I just have to get my house packed up.....yikers.

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