Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last night I played the game BANG! with several of my friends. I had never played it before, but had heard it was awesome.

All reports were true.

I am, generally, not a strategy, interactive game person. I get distracted too easily, follow through on ridiculous whims, and generally mess up my game, and usually others who I am playing with.

But BANG! is different, and here is how:

1. It is about gunfighters and the old west. Instantly awesome.

2. While strategy dictates that you should be careful who you kill, it is possible to kill or at leats attack on a whim...such as when I shot Tiffany purely because I told her I would shoot her first or attacked Chris as vengence for putting me in jail.

3. You can be underhanded, and your character can actually play the way s/he might have to in real life. Thus, the sheriff fights a losing battle because s/he is exposed the whole game, the deputy fights to save the sheriff without making him/herself a target, the renegade can seem to help the sheriff, but then quickly turns on him/her, and the outlaws are just out for blood. I love it.

4. I have been reading a bit about game theory lately, and this game was interesting from that standpoint as well.

5. The game is short enough that I stay engaged.

So I now have a new favorite game. Anybody want to play? I own the game (ask Sam and Luke why), so up to 6 of you lucky readers can join me. More if we invite Luke and his game.


luke said...

oh you know i am in. though if i'm going to be your deputy again you better pull it together! and you have to wear that hat every time you play.

ps you just drove by my house. oh the yellow truck.

Kelley said...

oh man. that is a great game. McAdoo introduced us to it in dc. we enjoy it. lets play. miss you johnnie

R.W. Shipshape said...

I'm in!

I was a bit of a homebody last night but the game sounds like tons of fun. I love me some games.

Tiffany said...

next time i'm wearing my cowboy hat and boots.

and my lucky sheriff badge. Yeah. Your going down.