Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ain't Life Funny

So, a funny thing happened this weekend.

I quit my job.

Well, I gave my notice, I won't actually quit until the 15th.

I am returning to my first love of working: YouthWorks.

This summer, I will be moving to Lincoln County, West Virginia and to be the Site Director for a ministry site.

I will be leaving behind my dog, my steady income, my security, and perhaps my rational mind.

I will not be leaving behind my truck payment, tax payment, credit card payment, and eventual need for long-term employment.

But I am excited. This came about very quickly, and very unexpectedly. I was not planning on working for YouthWorks this summer, but suddenly find myself doing so.

I was not planning on putting my well being directly into the Lord's hands with no way to turn but to Him, but suddenly, I find myself doing so.

It is going to be awesome. It is going to be terrifying. It is going to be brilliant. It is going to be a foolish move. It is going to be serving the Lord above my own sense of what is "right".

And there I let it stay.

So pray for me folks. I may have just made a huge mistake, but it is a mistake of the heart. The kind of mistake this romantic fool likes to make.

Oh, and my current job asked me to write up a pro/con for hiring a full time replacement versus a part time replacement. This is what I wrote:

In the fast paced and often dangerous world of property management maintenance, it is sometimes, nay often necessary to call upon a full time maintenance man. In the wild urbanized jungle of rented houses, apartments, and lofts, a man can get lost. Some have gone into these homes, and come out changed, frightened, useless. Others, they’ve never come back at all. Though property maintenance looks tame from the outside, only the strongest, bravest, and most dedicated can survive the grueling day to day horrors that must be approached, assessed, and diffused. No mere part timer has the stamina for such work. No mere on-call worker could sift through the retched filth that humanity leaves in its wake and scrubs out a diamond from the refuge. Nay my friend, only one who has heard the calling, who has looked into the abyss, who has seen what the darkness holds and has screamed in defiance back to it, can stand such a daunting task. To find such a hero, one may have to search out Arthur’s sword or Beowulf’s shield. A Herculean mission may be the only way to find the character who can complete the deadly and heart-wrenching tasks which will be laid at the maintenance worker’s feet. A part timer would merely quake, so says I.

So hire the hero you wish to see. Remember that Galahad stayed pure, and Lancelot fell. Choose wisely, and see all prosper. Choose poorly, and see all dreams of man fall to the belly of the beast of Hell.


Sam said...

I'm glad you're chasing what you love, bro.

You have your whole life to pay taxes. How many opportunities will you really have to just bail and run off to your passion? ;)

Rock on.


Tiffany said...

Sounds like the job for me.
Too bad I'm leaving.

What are you doing with Grania?

sara said...

You referenced the Arthurian legend in a job review? You are amazing...

Praying for you, little brother. God has such great dreams for you, and I am so proud of you for pursuing what He has sown in your heart.

Jenna said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to go to west virginia. I may have to come see you this summer, since I will be in Indiana... which isn't THAT far away. Ok, maybe it is, but it's a heck of a lot closer than KS.

Kelley said...

woohoo. go God. wade and i are super excited for you... even though that means we wont have you around this summer. we had big plans for you. but we will allow God's plans to go on... i mean his are much better:)

karlie nicole mann. said...

this sounds exactly what a (real) pirate would do. follow your dreams! you'll have a great time. we should talk soon!