Friday, March 20, 2009

Damn Fridays

For a long time Fridays have been terrible days for me. It is horrible to say that, I know, but it is true. Fridays inevitably hold the most difficult tasks at work, the strangest bad luck falls my way, personal issues seem to come into play, and I am always just wanting the day to be over.

Usually I combat this day with two very awesome events. Friday lunch and Lotto Friday. Friday lunch is fairly easy to figure out....I go to lunch with every Friday. Usually with Ranger. Lotto Friday is held every Friday when either Ranger or myself, on alternate weeks, purchase anywhere from one to three scratch off lotto tickets. We then split any winnings. The largest we have won so far was $50. That was $25 a piece, and was spent wisely on movies (me) and a nerf gun (Ranger).

That is what I usually do. But today, Ranger was gone. Took the day off. I was alone. Here are some highlights of the day:

Boss sick.....move-in on me
Grandmother in hospital
Drunk resident kicks in his own door....then lies...we fought...only verbal
Sink broken,....two hours to fix because of age
Hurt hand....never punch a tree

Overall, not good. The drunk resident was a doosy. Had it not been for a fellow co-worker, I really might have punched him. But I was saved from my own temper by a very good man, who called later to make sure I was calmed and was not going to let this ruin my weekend.

I should have gone to lunch today, but was too busy with ridiculousness. And no Lotto Friday because Ranger was gone. I could have been $10,000 richer, and money solves all problems....right?

Anyway, Whine Fest Friday is over. Weekend, I love ya, lets have a ball.


Jenna said...

Oh John, I'm sorry about your horrible day. I really hope it doesn't ruin your weekend... I bet it won't, knowing you.

P.S. I like your picture change. I was wondering if your "I dream of Ireland" was going to stay the same, but obviously it was just because of the holiday.

sara said...

I'm sorry, bro. Bad day! Want to come to Arkansas? :)

Liz.EJ.Lizzard.Elizabeth. said...

psst! I've been to that castle in Scottland :)
I was thinking of you and Ranger's lotto Fridays this week as I passed the large powerball billboard in topeka.