Sunday, January 4, 2009

Something in the Air

Do you ever feel trouble on the wind? Ever smell disaster before it strikes? Ever stand outside and get that edgy sensation that something in the world if off kilter?

I do.

Today, for whatever reason, everytime I have stepped outside it has smelled like something dangerous is looking around every corner. At first, I shook it off, figured it had something to do with the dampness and my own head.

But then the North Wind started to blow. Now I usually love the North Wind. It brings a biting, head-clearing cold that I treasure. But today it felt as if something evil was riding the wind. That with every cutting blast of air the land was being filled with something more sinister.

Tonight, as I took my dog out back to go to the bathroom (the dog....not me), I could not shake the feeling that whatever the wind was bringing, it had arrived.

Sound odd? Yeah, to me too. But you, dear readers, will just have to put up with me. I feel what I feel, and who better to tell than you?

It is probably nothing, but I will say, check it out for yourself. Listen and feel what the wind is bringing. Be aware of your world, not just what it shows you, but also what it doesn't.

And pray for your world.

Enough strangeness for one night. Sleep.


Jenna said...

You remind me of the watchman in Ezekiel 33.

P.S. I finished that book you recommended. Thankyou so much! It's seriously one of my favorite books now! It had everything I like! Parkrangers, philosophy, poetry, contemplation, brutal honesty,adventure, reality... and many many more things.

Jenna said...

I'm back. My eveninings are free until the 9th. You name the time.

just_thinkin said...

I think the Celtic blood runs strong in your veins...and I know what you mean.

The e(X)pat files said...

I can feel it in the air too... something dreadful and it has already come. But still, I know where my confidence lies... shouldn't we all do?