Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Contest Follow Up

Well, this contest did not get the response I was hoping for. However, those who participated, your entries were awesome. And now without further ado.....

The Winner is j wright with

1)Miles Davis "Birth of the Cool"
2)"Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
3)Michael Jackson's "Thriller", not b/c I like it, but it was representative of the era
4)Pearl Jam's "Ten"
5)"Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison", 'cause I felt like I needed a country album

I struggled with accepting Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band at first, it nearly took him out of the running. But the judges panel helped me decide that the Beatles did directly influence a large part of American music. Therefore, the list could stand. And, with Miles Davis at the head and Johnny Cash rounding it off, this a a very excellent list.

5 albums is very difficult to do, and I am proud of those who tried. Thanks for playing. Oh, and j, if you want your prize, you will have to give me your address.


just_thinkin said...

I must file a protest. Michael Jackson?????? Really????? No classical music?? No folk music?? The Beatles? Incredibly important, yes. But American, no, and, by the way, as influenced as they were influential.

j wright said...

The closest we have to 'classical' would probably be John Williams and post-oingo boingo Danny Elfman.
Sure Sousa's got a good beat, you can march to it. But, I'd not lump him in with Bach or Beethoven.
Elfman's easily one of my favorite composers.

After I posted my list...i thought that i should have just said the Woodstock 1969 Album.
Wedge woody Guthrie in there somewhere.

it's hard, but I won, anyway.
No use second guessing myself. :)

My thanks to the judges.

j wright said...
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adam paul said...


i totally forgot to participate. dangit.

i should issue a counter argument sometime.

em. said...

i am glad i put the beatles, but sad that i didn't win...that was a very hard contest...but j did have a good list...nice work, i still stand by all my choices

nick said...

I object to the Pearl Jam, but otherwise a good list.