Friday, December 19, 2008

The Itch

I feel it.

I don't even want it.

I am happy where I am.

I am settling in, creating relationships, finding community.

I want to be here.

And yet....there it is.

The itch.

To move.

To move on to the next adventure, the next place, the next challenge.

Sometimes, when it happens, I can take a short trip, and it goes away.

Not this time.

The trip did not help.

It may have increased it.

So where to?

Do I just throw a dart and head that direction?

Sell what I own, grab the dog and go?

I told myself I wouldn't.

Said I don't want to travel alone anymore.

I want the settled home, the relationships, the community.

And yet.....this damn itch.


Sam said...

You, me, Grania, and Scotland this summer? :)


Jenna said...

I know this itch you speak of... maybe not quite like you know it though. If only I had the courage to give into that itch every once in awhile...

luke said...

you know what they say about scratching an itch...

actually they could say a lot of things. things like "man that feels better" or "oo now it's red and hurts" or "dangit it's right on the spot on my back i can't reach."

unfortunately when i scratch an itch it always seems like another itch starts itching somewhere else on me. and on and on, just being one big distraction.

i wonder if when we are set right in the place where God wants us to be if we will still feel that itch. part of me wants to believe that we'll feel completely and peace knowing it's where God has us, but then i figure that i'm probably not that trusting, settled, or competent.


Kelley said...

its time to move to dc.
this is a purely selfish request.
but maybe just maybe it is where the itch will take you.
that would be exciting.
i promise i wont call you john marshall for a whole week if you move here ;)

rachel rianne said...

i just realized that i never actually commented on the post where you wrote a book list for me.

MAN. i'm a terrible friend.

but i wanted to let you know that i just copy and pasted it to start making my winter break book list.
and i wanted to let you know that i appreciate your list so much.

and i'm glad that we got to go to a movie last night together.
see you in kc.

ranger said...

no worries wildcard, i ALWAYS get restless after i see a movie in the theater. I am not sure what it is, that things seem bigger . . . ? or maybe its just the smell of popcorn. The really weird thing is that i don't even have to like the movie. If this realization doesn't ring true to you or maybe not even help, well just go and do the motorcycle, brothel-busters thing.