Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Year Long Plan

Last night, as I sat at a party with some friends, I had a moment of genius. We were discussing things that we had been wanting to accomplish, but had yet to do. Some were difficult because of cost, but we all agreed that the biggest "block" was simply letting the projects slip through the cracks of busy lives.

This led to a thought, and I think I am going to try to bring it to fruition.

Sometime in early January, I am going to throw a party. Those who attend the party will be asked to plan one year long project. It could be learning a new language. It could be building something they have always wanted to try. It could be traveling somewhere. Or writing a book. Seriously. Anything. The level of difficulty will be up to the person.

Then, we will write it all down in a notebook, and each person will sign their "commitment".

In one year, there will be another party, and people will bring their accomplishments to the party. We will all share in and enjoy each other's success of achieving something fantastic in one year.

Oh, and there is a penalty for not. If anyone does not accomplish their goal (barring personal tragedy of course), they will be required to pay $100 to a community fund. This will then be donated to charity.

It may sound a little cheesy, but I am actually excited by the thought of making this happen.

Anybody down for a challenge?


luke said...

hmm i will be thinking about this...maybe, maybe.

adam lee said...

this is a brilliant idea...

i don't know if i have any projects or such... but if i think of one i am definitely in.

by the way... thanks for that link... it will be great for my class.

Sam said...

Ok, so I need an editor, so what? :)

Rock on with your idea, bro. Do you think you could get Bill Snyder to join in, and have his project be a Bowl Game?


Jenna said...

Neat idea Creagar, very neat idea. P.S. You mentioned in LG tonight about reading other peoples blogs... so I decided to find your blog, and I read it. A lot of it.