Monday, November 10, 2008

A Story continued....

For the beginnning of this story, check out A Boy and his Blog.

After what you have been through, trusting another stranger is the last thing you want to do.

You roll off the road into the dense brush in the run-off ditch.You are wet, tired, bleeding, and it is four hours until dawn. But you know you cannot die out here. You must get back to the one you love, and besides, you are not wearing clean underwear, and your mom always told you that if you ever died on the side of the road, you had better have on clean underwear. But it was laundry day.

As you get up and force yourself to walk, it begins to rain. Through the lightning flashes you see what appears to be a cave. Inside you could be warm and dry, at least until dawn.

As you approach the cave, you hear a loud screech that sounds as though it has come from within. Your blood runs cold.

Do you go into the cave to get dry or do you keep walking along the ditch?


adam paul said...

yesss. a choose your own adventure!!!

i choose to take my chances and go in the cave (page 46).

luke said...

adam--i'm confused. did you actually continue the story? no link???

so i went ahead and continued. for more of the story, go here:

kk said...

i'd keep walking along the ditch.
i'm afraid of caves.

p.s. thanks for fixing the sink.

Sam said...

Hello brother!

My "word verification" code was "cohuness"

For some reason, it makes me laugh. Just say's a laughing word.

Sam said...

While my blog may have been deeper, it is not nearly as cool looking as yours. Yours has pictures.

And Megan Fox is totally a great blog subject. Or any subject.


The e(X)pat files said...

I'll go spelunking! :)