Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

It is November 19th.

I usually have a staunch rule against Christmas music, decorations, or movies until after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, I believe, should not be forgotten.

This year, however, I have started early. Last night I purchased Harry Connick Jr's new Christmas album, as well as Casting Crown's. I am already thinking through the movies I will watch this season. I am brushing up on my Linus reading of Luke.

I am ready for the season.

I think it is because I am excited for family and friends.

I think it is because I am excited for the cold, head clearing weather.

I know it is because I am yearning to feel a closeness to God that I always feel at Christmas. And don't give me the line about how I can have that year round. I know I should. But Christmas is a grand catalyst.

So bring on the holly jollies. Bring on the mistletoe. Bring on the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

And bring on the baby Jesus. The reminder that God so loved this world that he gave his one and only son to be born in a barn and raised in fear. God could have smote us. He could have washed His hands of us and let the Devil take us. Instead He sacrificed for us, where he knew we couldn't.


adam paul said...

linus's hat looks very much like a nipple.

i've had some troubles holding back the christmas spirit also. i think it's because i'm thrilled to give gifts in a different way this year. i'm going to try to make them all.

i know what you're thinking...i will not use any popsicle sticks.

Sam said...

Trans-Siberian Orchestra...oh my goodness, I want to see them.

I'm still fighting back the Christmas's getting very hard though.