Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Gone By

Well, the summer is finished. Not the actual summer. Just mine. My summer employment with YouthWorks! Inc. has finished. I left West Virginia on Sunday, was in Philedelphia by Sunday night, Angola, Indiana on Tuesday night, St. Louis, Missouri on Thursday night, and back in my house in ole OP on Friday....what a trip.

God and I got along grand this summer. He taught me a great deal about leading people, about what real passion for serving in His kingdom is, and about how I am best motivated and able to serve.

He also taught me that my passion for Him must be a constant yearning. That I cannot sustain myself on a summer long sojourn into God's kingdom and then coast for 9 months waiting for Jesus Lightning to strike. Jesus Lightning is, for those unfamiliar, the brilliant flash of passion and motivation to love and serve the world that comes from nowhere unbidden. I won't say it doesn't exist, just that it is not something to sit around and wait for.

It is funny how I can spend an entire summer in West Virginia, have so many stories, memories, and fantastic moments that Haley and I can talk for 9 hours straight from Philly to Angola, and yet when I sit down here, it all seems to blur together.

So I guess you are going to have to ask me for specific details, because this broadstroke writing is not going to happen. I am discovering how much I hate sitting here at this thing.

So I will close out with this:


So come Monday, you will find me beating the asphalt down as I try to find someone who wants to hire this spectacular employee to be. Those of you looking to had better call quick!

I will let you, dear reader, know how it goes.

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Kelley said...

hey hey. we got a blog. so you should read it. or somehthing. then update yous so we can read yours :)