Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where To?

I love to travel. I love for others to travel. I love to hear about other peoples' travels. When someone says, "I was recently in Rome.", my heart skips a beat and I want to know all that they did.

When I ask you how your trip was, what you saw, what you did, I am not asking for the brief, 2 minute description. No no, I am one of those rare people who really wants to know your story. If you start at day 1 with your luggage getting sent to Paris, Arkansas not Paris, France, then continue with how your life changed on day 5 because of the little old couple that outdanced you in Poland, and end at day 12 with the red-eye flight where you sat next to the man who invented the Pringles can, I am a happy man. If you also tell me about day 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10....even if you think it was run of the mill, I am ECSTATIC.

Recently I have had some friends travel, and it has ignited the flame within me. So here are some places I want to go. Feel free to join me or list some of your own.

1) Alaska.....backpacking and fishing.....and Moose hunting.....with binoculars
2) Italy.......not just Rome........all over..........fantastic place
3) Brazil.......perhaps to woo a member of the Olympic Volleyball Team
4) Ireland and Scotland.......I have been there before.......but my heart wants me to go back
5) visit friends there.......and learn some history/culture
6) India.......more than Taj.........the people
7) Uganda or Kenya.....completely different maybe both
8) Washington D.C...........I think Wade and Kelley are enough of a draw
9) Washington or Oregon.......hiking and fishing.........and recycling
10) Guatemala..again, been there....but sometimes the Land of Eternal Spring sounds nice

Well, those are the Top 10 of the moment. Where do you want go..........and will you take me with?


luke said...

haha i was reading the list and thinking you should take me with you wherever you go!

alaska is unreal, but so is the northwest. if you go to italy you have to make it up into switzerland, trust me. but seriously, 1-10 i'm in

sara b said...

my thoughts for your life:
- move back to kc until i finish nursing school
- then when i leave for eastern africa you can come with me (that takes care of kenya and uganda).
- on our way to kenya we can stop in rome and spend a few weeks backpacking wherever we decide before reboarding our plane to _______ (insert eastern african country of choice).

that takes care of at least 5 of the 10....or at least provides adequate opportunities to take care of 5 of them.

then we can split up for the remaining 5 and send each other pictures.


see you and all of your belongings back in kc soon then.

LeLe said...

I don't know if I've commented on your blog before and I don't know you from Adam, but I think I found your site from a post you left on SCL. Anyway, just for my own fun I'll tell you the places I want to go.

1) SCOTLAND--the mother-land. My red hair speaks for itself.
2) I've been to England and I would love to go again, visiting all the UK countries--Wales and Ireland and (see above) Scotland.
3) Paris--I want to kiss my husband at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
4) Morroco--Casablanca
5) Washington and Oregon--like you, from the pictures I've seen, it's gorgeous up there.
6) Italy--again, like you, all over.
7) Germany--I've been told it's some of the most beautiful land in the world.
8) New Zealand--Watching LOTR made me want to visit.
9) New England during Autumn
10) I guess I need to venture out from my Western Europe obsession...

Kelley said...

I noticed that you did not list this in order of your highest preference :) BUT Wade and I are down to join in on all of them, so move to DC and we will start jet setting immediately! We would also like to include Belgium on the list, as it is beautiful and you will definitely love the history of it. I have to open tomorrow but Wade and I might be giving you a call tomorrow night, just to tell you how awesome you are :D

rachel rianne said...

south korea.
they'd probably love you there.

i really want to someday make it to iceland too.
and the southern tip of argentina.
new zealand.

this is a terrible thing to do to me.

i hope you found your ladder.