Sunday, August 10, 2008


It isn't until one moves, I believe, that one discovers just how much "stuff" one has aquired. I recently moved back to my college town from Arkansas, and was shocked at how much I had accumulated in one year. I threw away half of what I owned, and yet filled a 12' by 6' trailer with my stuff...and STILL needed more room.

Granted, had I packed better, perhaps I would have felt less burdened.

And when I arrived, it took me three weeks to get my internet set up, and I still can't get the cable to work.

I suck at moving.


Sara said...

Hey friend. I hear ya. Sometimes the weight of the world is a little too much...

Luckily, you are moving to the PROMISED LAND! Hope the move gets a little less rocky.

p.s. I just remembered the pooping Santa Claus and started laughing out loud.

sara b said...

i think the move would have been easier for you had it been to the land of all things good...and not just some things good.
think about it.