Wednesday, July 16, 2008


If you were a pirate, what would your name be?


rachel rianne said...

calico ethel bonney.

pirate girls names definitely aren't as cool as i'd wish.

luke said...


'nuff said

rachel rianne said...

i'm not sure how much i can express how lovely it is to have a friend who can call regarding a blog comment about a tv show, and then have that turn into a half hour discussion of history, politics, culture and faith.

john creagar,
i am forever grateful for you.

karlie nicole mann. said...

speaking of pirates, do you remember national speak like a pirate day? i hope so. because that is ALSO my birthday.

john, ireland is BEAUTIFUL. that is all i am saying until i call you and tell you everything.

actually i will tell you this: I GOT YOU A PRESENT.

talk to you on thursday (or friday is more likely) when we are BOTH in KANSAS!

adam paul said...

amad ercoop.

just put me up in the crow's nest with my bugle of sorts.

Sara said...

John Creagaaaaaaaaaaar!

(this would not be my pirate is merely me expressing excitement.)

Hey, are you back in Kansas yet?

Has anyone dumped water on you lately?

And finally, you really like Angelina Jolie??? REALLY!??!?!

rachel rianne said...

hey i'll stop commenting billions of times on the same post when more posts come along in a more timely manner.

..okay i sit at a computer all day, and i haven't anything better to do than comment.

BUT i finished carnivale last week,
and of course, i have to now see the next season.
i'm not sure that i love it, but i'm pretty sure that i'm hooked.
i give in so easily.