Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Adventure

Here I sit, alone in a room at the First United Methodist Church.

My bed is an inflatable double high Coleman that my parents blessed me with by buying.

My desk is a tiny children's table, which my knees do not nearly fit under.

I am surrounded by a bag full of my clothes, binders in which my summer's tasks can be found, and office supplies my wonderful padre sent me.

Outside of these walls my four staffers wind down their days. They have worked hard, preparing for a summer of working hard, all in the name of the Lord.

On Tuesday I leave here, and head to another site. There I will re-inflate my bed, drag my bag inside, and share a day with another staff of four, amazingly hard working, God loving and serving people.

On Wednesday I will drive 7.5 hours and once again set up camp. I will spend a week and a half with my third, equally as amazing staff. I will be blessed by their hearts to serve, and the stories they already have about the amazing communities and peoples they are encountering.

Then, I will start the circuit again. This summer, I have no permanent home.

I will be lonely, tired, stretched, and confused. I will be called upon to solve problems which I feel in my heart I have no business trying to resolve. I will be brought to the edge, and beyond, of what I think myself capable.


I will be blessed beyond what is accountable in a silly blog post.

I will meet saints of the Lord who will make my simple air mattress nomad life seem like that of a well established king.

I will hear stories that will remind me that the God I serve is just and loving.

I will see faces that will remind me that all of my thoughts have been thought before, and God has heard them all, and still He listens.

I will have my heart broken for those whom God's heart breaks for.

I will see God's splendor in the mountains, in the towns, in the lakes, waterfalls, and people I meet.

I will be so blessed this summer it will shatter my reality of God's blessing.

For I cried out that I am a wanderer, and I needed an adventure, and God heard and delivered one.

I hope I am ready for His answer to prayer :)


Kristen said...

You are ready. I love this post. I am so excited to hear what God does this's going to be good.

R.W. Shipshape said...

I like that God answered your prayers. And TGFAM. Translations: Thank goodness for air-mattresses.

rachel rianne said...

adventure!!! yayy!!!
i'm so excited for you johnny.
you deserve this, because you were made for that kind of adventure.
eff desk jobs, jcreagar was made for the open road and the mountains :) can you ask God for a way to get me out from behind this desk??

love you/miss you.

Anonymous said...

God hears. I don't know if this is the same blog but n high school I read one called I dream of Scotland. I talked to the girl for a time. She sent me an email that said how could I not love u? She impacted me. I'm writing a book and put that phrase in