Monday, June 22, 2009

A Note From The Furnace Closet

Good News: I found an internet access

Bad News: It is in a furnace closet, where I must cram myself between a table and a toolbox to plug in.

But here I am.

We have our first week of kids. I remembering why I love YouthWorks. I am remembering how hard YouthWorks can be.

I am learning a great deal as the leader of my small ragtag staff of God-warriors. I will write more about it later...perhaps this weekend.

First, a more pressing issue. You have all (except Kelly and Cassidy- who are amazing) let me down. I made one simple request. 


And I have received......


Because my Dad and Momma are also awesome.

The rest of you, dear readers, I shall give you my address again, give you a second chance:

John Creagar
c/o YouthWorks
P.O. Box 612
Hamlin, WV 25523

In all seriousness though, me friends, I am blessed by your prayers. I have needed them the past few weeks, and I thank you for praying for me. Your prayers are worth more than pictures, and I am humbled by those who pray for me. Thank you.

And send pictures:P

Well, I have to cook breakfast in the morning. 120 frozen waffles.

Can't wait.


sara said...

I'm working on it!!

Sam said...

Yes, I failed.

But a tree fell on me. Doesn't that count for anything?


that sounds dirty.