Saturday, June 28, 2008

Katy Katy Perry

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In 2001 a young Katy Hudson hit the Christian music scene. She sang songs to God and had some popularity. Fast forward to modern day. Katy Hudson has re-invented herself as Katy Perry. Her newest single is "I Kissed a Girl". Needless to say, this is not a song about experimenting with Paul's direction to greet our fellows Christians with a kiss. She has gone mainstream pop, and her song's lyrics state:

No, I don't even know your name
It doesn't matter
You're my experimental game
Just human nature
It's not what good girls do
Not how they should behave
My head gets so confused
Hard to obey
I kissed a girl and I liked it

So, she is on a different path. There are many Christians who find this deplorable. They question how "Christian" she really was while singing her songs back in 2001. I want to know why they jumped straight to that. I want to know why that should affect my opinion of her.

I have not listened to much Christian music over the last several years. Like modern country, and of course, pop, it has become very cookie cutter to me. Christian music has a feel, an image it portrays. And sadly, especially a few years back, it seemed that to be a Christian artist, one had to be portayed as perfect. No blemishes, no sins, no problems, because those listening might see those flaws and follow suit.

So maybe Katy Hudson wanted to be more famous. Maybe she figured out that on the Christian music scene was not going to get her the fame she was seeking. But maybe, with all that, she felt a need to experiment, to search out and answer some questions about herself. And she knew that the Christian population who listened to her wouldcurse her for it.

Here is where I weigh in. I don't doubt her Christianity in 2001. Even if she was kissing girls back then. It is not my place to doubt her. I don't blame her for wanting fame, for wanting to be known. In this day and age, with all the ways we have of being "known" it seems it is what we are all searching for. Some of us start blogs. Others kiss girls and write songs about it. Instead of the Christian community analyzing her old intentions, let's pray for and seek ways to show her ours. I for one may not listen to her music....because pop makes my head hurt, but I will pray that God put people in her life who love her. She may not be living "right". She is most definately a sinner....we all are. So I will ask that God put someone in her life that shows her truly what His love is all about. Not what the Christian community as a whole wants her to be, but what He wants her to be. And if she decides that God wants her to be a pop star, then bless her, sing it on!

In a more broad view, I am tired of the "Christian Community" as a whole. I am tired of James Dobson saying that Barack Obama is misuing the Bible because he doesn't like Obama's actions and speeches. I am tired of hearing that some country or people group is suffering because they have angered God. I am tired of soldiers being asked by Christians if they hate Bush or that they are bad people for serving their country. I am tired of pastors using their pulpits as though they are television stages, screaming out whatever political or personal beliefs might get them on youtube. Rape has become a way of life in Darfur, our homeless are hungry and cold. Children in Africa, all over Africa are starving and/or dying of aids. Girls in America are selling their bodies on Craigslist because they, quote "I wanted to feel loved ... important."( What are we the church doing about that? If they are searching for love online with older men, they are not feeling it from the church. Instead of mocking Hillary Clinton, or screaming presidential candidates names out, or announcing who they endorse, could our pastors please help to understand what God wants us to do for a world that is in real pain? Pray, yes, but act!

Anyway, this is my first real post, and it is as scattered as my mind.


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who is're sneaky. i know several people who love scotland (myself included), and one who happens to be in scotland at the moment. i won't make any guesses and save myself the embarrassment.

i appreciate your thoughts--and your identity when that is made known!

luke said...

yes yes i figured it was you john, but the post about women christian singers threw me off a bit! i should have known with the fishing--oh, and the narcissism deprecation too.

right now my buddy from havana is in a metal coffee mug with a wet paper towel--we'll see how long he can hold out, but i might need an excuse to set him free. coming by kc any time soon???

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i look forward to reading you, mr. garcrea.

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